Opinion: Why Amazon needs the Instant Video app on Google Play

Opinion time! Amazon has a lot of apps for mobile devices, and historically they have been putting their most important apps in as many platforms as possible. Except for the Instant Video app. That app is available for the Kindle Fire devices and for iPads and Roku boxes and BluRay players and such, but there’s still no official launch for the Android proper store, Google Play. Why is that?

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A Day with the new Kindle Unlimited service

So Amazon ushered out their new monthly Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service, or in street terms, a Netflix for eBooks type of a service. I managed to resist for most of the day on Friday, but since they are giving a 30 day free trial, I jumped right in on Saturday morning.

First Impressions
My first impression was akin to an all you can eat buffet of ebooks experience. Especially for non-fiction reference and how-to type of books. Because there’s only so much fiction one can read, and only so much books you can keep in your head in parallel. However, with non-fiction, be they learning or DIY type of books, you only need to read or cross-reference them as needed. So you can pick up ebooks on hobbies, on work related matters, on health related matters, and so on. It’s a good thing this is a zero calorie buffet 🙂

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Transfering your Samsung Video Hub Library to M-Go

As perhaps part of a historic compromise between Google and Samsung, Samsung has been slowly shedding off its own content services that compete with the Google Play digital content store. One of the jettisoned services is Samsung’s Video Hub, part of the Watch ON app. Many of you probably know it as the free video credit that used to be part of the free Samsung Galaxy Perks packages.

Regardless, Samsung is pulling the plug on them on August 1st in 2014, but thankfully they are not letting customers digitally twist in the wind. They came to an agreement with video service M-Go to digitally transfer your Samsung Video Hub library over there for free. And to encourage such a transfer, they are also offering staggered freebies. But let’s start from the beginning…

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Smartphone Case Review for the LG Nexus 4: Fosmon HYBO-SK Hybrid Kickstand Cas

This is a review of the Fosmon HYBO-SK Hybrid Kickstand Case for the Google LG Nexus 4 Android smartphone. This review is after over a year of intermittent use – I switch between different cases every few weeks for good measure.

This is a unibody case, gently pull up and away from edges to remove it and sink the Nexus 4 in it to encase it. This is not one of those two parts meet together type of a case that some may find frustrating.

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