Upgrading LG Nexus 4 from Android 5.1 to 5.1.1

One of the benefits of a Nexus device is that you are among the first to receive new OS updates, even if you have an older device. The good old LG Nexus 4, as of May 26 in 2015, is now running Android 5.1.1. The previous version running on mine was 5.1. The upgrade went well and without a problem. If you are curious, I have a play by play of the upgrade after the break…


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Trader Joe Maple Water First Impressions Review

And now something different. While shopping at Trader Joe, I spotted a colorful new item, and I was curious enough to try it. It is the Trader Joe Maple Water, in 32oz room temperature tetrapak style container. You refrigerate after opening, but you can keep it out as long as it is not opened.

THE TASTE: despite the name, this does not taste strong like maple syrup. It has a very mild maple taste, quite subdued. It is watery first, maple second. It is nowhere near as distinctive in taste as something like unflavored coconut water. It does not leave a lingering aftertaste, it is a rather polite beverage. Overall I liked it, but with a $3 price, I consider it perhaps more of a special occasion type of a drink than a day to day (brewing tea is a lot cheaper). The nutrition information agrees with this…


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