How To Get a Free Monthly Kindle eBook from the Samsung Book Deals

In a very interesting move for both sides, Samsung today announced a new co-promotion with Amazon, launching a custom-edition of the Amazon Kindle Android app in the Samsung Android app store. Yes, Samsung has its own Android app store available in all their Android devices. Many people completely ignore it, but today’s development may increase interest because this co-operation gets you one free Kindle e-book every month, from a selection of four ebooks pre-selected by Samsung-Amazon.

Installing the Samsung Kindle app
So how do you get it? Here is what I did, using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 4.2.2. First I launched the Samsung App store. Since I hadn’t used it in a while, it wanted to update itself. After it updated, it wanted to update the Samsung Account module. Once that was complete, I was able to install the Samsung Kindle app with a size of just under 30MB. After you install and run the Kindle app, you are prompted to login with your Amazon account and you can see all your previous purchases and document uploads as usual.

The Samsung Kindle app
When you launch the Samsung-Kindle app, the promotion is featured on the front page. Here is a screenshot, with the Samsung Deals section (highlighted in green post-capture for emphasis) appearing when you click on the “Samsung Book Deals” tab. The four books you see right below are the four options you have. You get one of the four for free. This is not borrowed. You digitally-own it. These are not throwaway books, they have quite a few reviews each!


You can also get to the “Samsung Book Deals” from the main menu (holo style), it has its own option, which brings up the following screen (highlights in green added for emphasis)…


Getting the Free eBook
It’s been many months since I ran the Samsung App Store, so I don’t know if this is because I ignored it, or because of this new promotion. Before you allowed to get the free ebook, you must sign-in with your Samsung Account and agree to the Terms and Conditions. I was presented with three sets, only the first two are needed in order to get the free ebook. The third one (“Data Combination”) is not needed and don’t agree to it unless you read the terms (it is advertising network related). The “Accept” will become highlighted when you click on the first two. Now, I agreed to the first two terms in order to produce this mini how-to post. If you are sensitive about Terms and Privacy and such, be sure to read up before agreeing to them!


The Free eBook is part of your regular Amazon Kindle account
There is no e-book fragmentation here. The free ebook you just selected becomes part of your regular Amazon Kindle account. If you go to the Amazon Kindle page (eg – easy way to remember this url, “myk” as in “my kindle”), the ebook is right there waiting for you and you can send it to any Kindle e-book reader or Kindle tablet app or the Cloud reader or anything else you have connected. I was able to send it to a Kindle e-reader within a few seconds of purchasing it and it was just like any other ebook.

It is interesting to ponder on the strategy behind this offering. It gives Samsung a new high-profile app in its app-store and gives consumers (the millions of Galaxy owners) a reason to pay attention to it. On the Amazon side, it puts the Kindle store in yet another marketplace.

Now if I put on my speculation hat on, could this be part of a bigger plan, a plan that would have the Amazon Kindle app ready to go from day one when Samsung makes their Tizen smartphone power play?