LG Nexus 4 Case review: Asmyna Electric Green Soft Case

With Google announcing that the LG Google Nexus 4 smartphone will actually be getting the official Android 5.0 Lollipop, this Pure Android phone just got a new lease on life. So one more reason to continue with our reviews of Nexus 4 cases. Today we take a look at the Asmyna Electric Green Soft Case, available (and purchased personally) through marketplace sellers at Amazon.com.

This is not a hard case, so that’s one decision point right upfront. It is a soft gelatinous type of a case. As the “electric” in the name suggest, this is on the bright side of green. Makes the phone stand out when you use it, and also makes it harder for someone to grab it and run quickly – they will leave a trail of bright green behind them 🙂

Main Issue: Gets A Bit Loose on the Edges after many months

I have been using this for about 18 months, but not exclusively – I’ve been randomly rotating four different Nexus 4 cases during this time, and will eventually review them all – check the Nexus 4 case reviews category for them all [two more are in the works]. So the major wear issue with this is that the edges are a bit looser than they were initially. Under normal use, there’s no risk of the phone falling out (otherwise I would have stopped using it), but if you fiddle around with the phone, or there are kids or pets playing with your phone, this is something to consider. The case is very easy and quick to put on and take off. Just peel it on and peel it off. No tools, no special skills, no hand-eye coordination needed (me being a clumsy bird-brain geek, I’m a good test subject for this 🙂

Buttons and Ports

This is a soft gelatinous type of a case, it is definitely not going to protect it from impact, but can protect it from dust and scratches and minor bumps and bruises. I did not have any problems using the ports or putting in earphones or microUSB cables. As far as the buttons are concerned, there are no cutouts, but the case overlays on top of them. Despite the overlay, I did not have any issues with the Power or Volume Up/Down buttons. You can easily find them by touch without looking at the case, and you can easily perform the single-handed screenshot maneuver (Power + Volume Down) [with the palm of your hand underneath the phone’s body, middle finger on Volume Down, thumb on Power]. The case works fine with screen protectors, it does not impact them like some of the more tight-fighting cases may.


Overall, this case exceeded expectations. I did not have high expectations when I ordered it (based on past experience with similar cases on other phones), but it did better. This of course with the caveat that this is a soft gelatinous case, not a hard case. So I wouldn’t recommend it if your phone is going to be in situations where it may get bumps and bruises and drops and such. But for relatively safe places or if you have like to have a rotation of cases depending on the situation (or your mood or outfit or occasion), this is nice and colorful.