Smartphone Case Review for the LG Nexus 4: Fosmon HYBO-SK Hybrid Kickstand Cas

This is a review of the Fosmon HYBO-SK Hybrid Kickstand Case for the Google LG Nexus 4 Android smartphone. This review is after over a year of intermittent use – I switch between different cases every few weeks for good measure.

This is a unibody case, gently pull up and away from edges to remove it and sink the Nexus 4 in it to encase it. This is not one of those two parts meet together type of a case that some may find frustrating.

The case has a kickstand on the back that works in landscape mode only. The kickstand is fixed in place, it does not rotate. It is part of the case and cannot be removed. If you don’t care for the kickstand, you can simply ignore it. It doesn’t get in the way and does not open uninvited. The kickstand has only one angle, it is not adjustable. I forgot to take proper pictures of the kickstand, this is the best available crop:


The back of the case has a Sigma shaped see-through vs black color scheme, which allows you to see the Nexus logo and the first part of the IMEI number. The kickstand is see-through as well. When not used, the kickstand withdraws (clicks) back into the case’s body. Only a little bit protrudes as you can see pointed out by the green arrow below…

Pros for Fosmon HYBO-SK LG Nexus 4 Kickstand Case
+ nice compact feel to it
+ fairly comfortable grip, never dropped the phone with this
+ looks nice
+ kickstand works as expected
+ easy to install and uninstall
+ no issues with ports and camera
+ the Nexus logo can be seen through the back, a big plus for Nexus Pride fans


+ pressing the power and volume up and down buttons is not as smooth as one would hope
+ kickstand does not work in portrait mode

+ the first part of the IMEI number is also visible
+ tight fit, may or not impact screen protector (has no problem with the Nexus 4 screen protector that was glued to the screen when you first open the box)

My Biggest Issue
My biggest issue with this case is that because of the way the case envelopes the buttons, pressing the Power and Volume Up and Down buttons is not as smooth as it is in most other cases. You have to feel your way towards the button. This is especially the case when you are trying to take a screenshot with one hand. It’s not that buttons are impossible to press, it’s just that you have to give them some of your “brain CPU” cycles in order to find the buttons. The second arrow in the picture below points to the volume up/buttons, so you can see what I’m talking about. (the first arrow points to the nice grippy texture that gives you a confident hold).

The picture below shows the Power button…

Distilled Conclusion
Having said all that, and considering the price, this is a pretty good value, it definitely punches above the price range and for those interested in “looks”, it certainly looks better than its price.

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