Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 4.4.2: you can now store Google Play All Access Subscription Music to your MicroSD memory card

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fans, rejoice! One of the benefits that came with the arrival of Touchizified Kit Kat is that you can now store your Google Play All-Access Music subscription to your Note8’s memory card! You can have a lot more storage on the memory card plus you can free up space on your internal 16GB memory for other purposes. It’s bad enough TouchWiz eats up a nice chunk of it out of the box.

To do this, you may need to restart or turn-off/turn-on your Galaxy Note 8 after you run Google Play Music after you install Android 4.4.2. You have to do this anyway in order to check whether the External option has been activated. In my case, when I first started Google Play Music after installing 4.4.2, it only showed the usual Internal Storage option (see screenshot below). There was no option for External storage.


However, for another reason, I had to restart the Note 8 and after restarting, I brought up Google Play Music again, and voila, the External Storage option has been activated! I “pinned” a few albums to test it and they got stored very quickly without issue. I can even see them on the actual memory card using a file manager. Here is a screenshot of the option to use External Storage. You bring up this menu by touching the “Storage Location” option. See arrows below…


If you have a Galaxy Note 8 and you haven’t used the music subscription service of Google Play All-Access ($10 per month), everyone gets a 30 day free trial, or if you have activated a specific Android/Chrome product, you may be eligible for a 60 day free trial. With Note 8 having the ability to store music to your microSD card, this is a great opportunity to try it out!