Evernote Android app on a Chromebook review

I am slowly but steadily getting “converted” to the Cult of Evernote. So I was excited to try out the Android version of the Evernote app running in the Android runtime “virtual box” in Chrome OS. This is my experience with it, using a 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook (the late 2012 model)…

Using the Evernote Android app on Chrome OS

Overall, I must say this turned out to be better than I expected. In practical terms, it gives you the option to use Evernote Off-line, and that’s one big plus over using the Evernote Web Client. During my use, this has been reliable in terms of syncing later. As far as I can tell, I haven’t lost any new note or note update or edit by using the “ChromeDroid” app (that’s my nickname for Android apps running on Chrome OS). So your Chromebook can be repurposed into a dedicated Evernote client device 🙂

Sync appears to be happening on its own (if it’s activated in the Settings), you don’t have to manually Sync. Of course if you are using it Off-line and then want to sync it all, it’s faster to manually Sync.

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Opinion: Why Amazon needs the Instant Video app on Google Play

Opinion time! Amazon has a lot of apps for mobile devices, and historically they have been putting their most important apps in as many platforms as possible. Except for the Instant Video app. That app is available for the Kindle Fire devices and for iPads and Roku boxes and BluRay players and such, but there’s still no official launch for the Android proper store, Google Play. Why is that?

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