A Day with the new Kindle Unlimited service

So Amazon ushered out their new monthly Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service, or in street terms, a Netflix for eBooks type of a service. I managed to resist for most of the day on Friday, but since they are giving a 30 day free trial, I jumped right in on Saturday morning.

First Impressions
My first impression was akin to an all you can eat buffet of ebooks experience. Especially for non-fiction reference and how-to type of books. Because there’s only so much fiction one can read, and only so much books you can keep in your head in parallel. However, with non-fiction, be they learning or DIY type of books, you only need to read or cross-reference them as needed. So you can pick up ebooks on hobbies, on work related matters, on health related matters, and so on. It’s a good thing this is a zero calorie buffet 🙂

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