Transfering your Samsung Video Hub Library to M-Go

As perhaps part of a historic compromise between Google and Samsung, Samsung has been slowly shedding off its own content services that compete with the Google Play digital content store. One of the jettisoned services is Samsung’s Video Hub, part of the Watch ON app. Many of you probably know it as the free video credit that used to be part of the free Samsung Galaxy Perks packages.

Regardless, Samsung is pulling the plug on them on August 1st in 2014, but thankfully they are not letting customers digitally twist in the wind. They came to an agreement with video service M-Go to digitally transfer your Samsung Video Hub library over there for free. And to encourage such a transfer, they are also offering staggered freebies. But let’s start from the beginning…

How to Transfer Your Samsung Video Library to M-Go
1. Check the email associated with your Samsung account. You will find an email from Samsung USA from around July 2nd informing you of the chances. Look for a title like “Important Update about Samsung Video / Media Hub” if you have a very busy Inbox. Note: you must use the same email on M-Go as the one in your Samsung account with the video contents.

2. within the email, there is a link to the start of the transfer process, with the “click” being on the word “here” – it says “You can redeem your exclusive M-GO offer and begin the transfer process here.*”

3. after you click you are taken to an M-Go page. Note: your email address is part of the url, so don’t share that page with others or post it on your social media. There you will see staggered promotion (staggered because each offer activated after you use the previous one):


4. Click on the yellow “Get Started Now”.

5. The page will refresh telling you to go check your email for a verification email.


6. The verification email arrives within seconds. It too has a yellow “Get Started Now” button. You click that as a verification. It takes you back to the M-Go website where you are asked to pick a password for your account. Note that this is a brand new M-Go account, it is not longer linked to your Samsung account.


7. Then you get a Transfer Preview page where it shows you the titles in your account that are eligible for the Transfer. NOTE: not all items are eligible. For example, South Park does not show even though it is in my account. However, hope is NOT lost! They acknowledge this and plan to fix it by either adding the content within 60 days or providing you with an appropriate store credit. They have a dedicated page talking about this Content Promotional Credit.


8. After you click on the button to proceed with the Transfer, you get a Progress Bar and when it reaches 100%, the Transfer of the eligible titles is complete and your $5 promotional credit is ready to use.


9. When you click “Continue”, it asks you to enter your credit card, however, this is not mandatory. There is a “Skip for Now” choice in small text.


10. You can optionally link your M-Go account with your Ultraviolet account since M-Go and UVVU (Ultraviolet) are partners. You have an option to do it right away or Skip to do it at a later time (to add it later, go to the Library link in the purple menu bar and select Ultraviolet).


11. And that’s it! You are done! You will also receive two additional emails from M-Go. One is a “Welcome to M-Go” and details the freebies promotion and the second email “Summary and Results” is a summary of your titles transferred to M-Go.

12. If you have any movies or TV shows that were not successfully transferred, within 60 days, they will either appear in your account or M-Go will give you a promotional credit (as mentioned above) to cover your digital-ownership losses.

M-Go Promotional Offer as part of this Transfer
The promotional offers are staggered. First you receive a $5 M-Go credit you can use to digitally-purchase or rent movies or TV shows. After you use the M-Go credit for the first time (you don’t have to spend it all, just the first use, eg buy a $2 SD TV episode), your second offer will activate: 50% off the a movie rental. After you use that, your third and last offer will activate, another 50% off movie rental. And that’s it.